June 18th, 2010

What is happening?


Long time no post.

Is this thing on?

So…. I have been laying low on posting here. A few reasons, but not the least of which is was laid off back at the end of April. I worked at a video game development company, on the game Fallen Earth among other things. There was a large number of us let go on that day and the less said about the details the better. I am glad of my time there and proud of my work.

So what now?

Now, I had to give up my apartment in Cary NC and move back to Tennessee. No one thing is to blame. I was sans job, so the income had reduced drastically and I had recent surgery that I am still paying for.

I am doing my voice acting still. I am in two productions as regular cast and recurring in another. I have a little more time these days so maybe I will try out for more roles.

I am blogging. I was asked to contribute over at http://temporaryhitpoints.com/ and my first post is this weeks article. It is a player advise focused blog for 4th edition and it is shaping up nicely as a good weekly blog.

I am doing some writing of my own on some short stories I have been pouding out. Next week, I break out the novel writing and rewriting and more rewriting and contemplating sepuku and more rewriting. That will take a while.

I am trying to pick up some new skills. I am learning C++ or at least I am trying too. I have joined a gym. It is time to get back on that horse. I am moving like an old man and I am not that old.

Also I am looking for work. I have been working in the gaming industry for a while now. I like it. It is easily one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I am focused on getting back in so I hunt. Resumes are being sent. Recruiters are being contacted.

All in all, life is…. a work in progress.

More to come.

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