January 4th, 2011

My Mom

I am occasionally surprised by my mom.  I sort of forget, she has spent a lot of time around people who I and many of my friends admire.   She get to do this by being one of those people who helps run science fiction conventions.  She tends to do stuff for World Con among other things.  The economy being what it is, she has had to slow down some, but she has been doing it for years. So last night we were watching thing I recorded off HBO.   It was the movie, Public Enemies.  It is a fairly good movie all told, and mom enjoyed it as well.  After the movie was done, they were playing “making of” segments for Game of Thrones.  They had George RR Martin on the screen talking about the time mom had walked into the room after taking some of her evening meds. She looks at the screen and says, “Oh, hi George.” I look at her.  “Mom, you know George RR Martin.” “Oh yeah.  He is a nice guy.  I have hung out with him a few times.” “you know they are making that show based on his books, right?” “Oh.  Thats nice.” The fact she knows George RR Martin is bad enough, but the fact she hasn’t read his stuff and just knows him as George, the nice guy she hung out with at a con, is why it is a bit of a disconnect.   When I was growing up she was a firefighter and paramedic. As she grew older and slowed down, she transitioned to a new life where she gets to hangout with world famous authors and is not star struck by them. She has had a meal with Neil Gaiman, she and her husband are on a first name basis with Terry Pratchett, and all the while she is still just mom. It is very possible, my mom is cooler than your mom.  Just Saying.

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