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January 24th, 2011

Sharing my homework

I was asked as part of my Web Design class, to pick three sites I use a lot and explain why.  After doing the write up, I decided it was worth sharing beyond class.</p>

When I originally composed this post I specified gmail, but let me rather say Google as a whole. I use GMail and from there I can get social networking, phone calls, video conferencing, and task management.  Add to that, google calender where I track my classes, gaming sessions, and other important events.   Also, add Google Reader, which allows me to track feeds from over a hundred sites including news from Reuters, all the major blogs I follow, and updates from the blogs of friends.  I can easily share links with my contacts in gmail, and  I even do a lot of my writing in google through Google Docs.  I work on a number of projects, where I need to share creative work with others, and Google doc’s makes that so easy, as we can both edit the same document.  Google is my one stop shop for a lot of the things I do online.

Boing Boing is a simple blog, but it is a blog run by some very savvy people.  They share fascinating bits from around the internet. Whether it is the news of some new political movement, or a scientific breakthrough, or even a new book release from a favorite author, it is always interesting and well thought out.  If it is cool, eclectic or smart, it has probably shown up on Boing Boing.

I was going to list another geeky news site, but I decided to list one I actually work on.  Temporary Hitpoints is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons blog, providing support for players of the game.  I am one of the bloggers who contributes to it.  I have been helping out on the site since it’s launch.

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