January 30th, 2011

update and some gaming decisions

So, going to school eats a lot of my energy and time.  It is going to a good cause, but it is still eating it up.  One thing I have hard time doing, is taking time to play games.  Too much else needs my attention. I have writing projects for Dust to Dust, podcasting, hopefully some game and fiction writing, on top of the school work.

I think will settle into the routine a bit more and I will make more time.  The first few weeks should be a time of adjustment as you get used to the new work load.  All of that said, I am paying for some things I really don’t need to be.  World of Warcraft is not really a good investment for me.  I am not spending time doing it, and for a while now, when I did get on I couldn’t play wiht the people I wanted to.  They out leveled me a while back, or they are not on as often any more themselves.  Either way, I am just not having much fun in the game even when I can play.

What I am going to do is cancel it and uninstall it.  I need the hard drive space anyway.   I have a number of single player games I can play when i have the time. Also, there are too many quality free MMO’s to play if I want to do that.  I may get too the point I have time for social gaming online.  When that happens, I will post something to my friends seeing if they want to play some free game with me.  Champions online seems a good one for me, or Lord of the Rings online.

I am going to make some time to do some more tabletop gaming.  I need the social interaction if nothing else. It is easy to let school eat you up and depression can set in as all you seem to do is school.  Table top gaming has always been a bit more rewarding, anyway.  How and where I get that type of gaming in is still a work in progress.

For those interested, school is going pretty good.  There are some subjects I am better at than others.  I am tired of being the broke college student and I will be glad when that phase is done.

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