TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

okay I have fallen behind on the writing. Between a little bit of writers block and lot of headache due to being sick, I did not get as much done over the past few days as I would have liked. I have a lot of catching up to do but I have not given up. It is my goal to turn over 11000 words by this weekend. As I am at 3800 words right now I dont think thats impossible.

I missed Toms party which I feel a little guilty about as I seem to never go to his parties. Part of that is laziness on my part. This time however I was recovering from a sinus infection bad enough to keep me out of work for three days. I just did not want to be at a smoke filled party with a bunch of people. I decided to stay near home and run my game instead.

I also have begun to feel that pressure in my head for a change. I want to change something in my life. From time to time I get this feeling and I sometimes call it my gypsy instinct. I want a change of venue or job or location. Usually when I eget this feeling I resist it untill it passes. I cant afford to be quitting my job right now nor moving so not much point in it, but I can still feel the pressure in my mind to do so.

I have also not been emailing my usual suspects to talk. I dont im as much either. I have spoken to people around me but I have spent much time trying to communicate with my homies in the atl or raliegh. I am not sure why this is. I think part of it is feeling like I may be a bit of pest at times. I miss some people terribly and I wish I could see them again soon.

well back to the grindstone for me.
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