TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I did not eat the best stuff yesterday but I did keep the bad stuff low enough to not throw my calorie count off at least. On a side note I am experiencing a pretty much constant back pain. I believe dear old mom is correct when she suggests it is due to me being on my feet alot more now. I am carrying my weight differently and it is causing my back to hurt. I am still trying to find a solution to this.

Item Grams Calories
Sun, Feb 04 2007
9 oz. Grade A Split Cornish Hen - Cornish Hens 84 160
A Corn, Sweet, Yellow - Canned, Whole Kernel, Drained Solids 164 133
B- Biscuits, Plain Or Buttermilk, Refrigerated Dough, Higher Fat, Baked 28 97
B Potatoes, Mashed, Home-prepared, Whole Milk And Margarine Added 210 237
D- White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie 99 470
B+ Popping Corn 50 180
D Butter - Without Salt 43 308
Total Calories Consumed 1,585

Tags: diet
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