TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

So I went back to the gym today. I did not go yesterday due to oversleeping. For some reason I did not have the usual energy level. I am not sure why but that was what was going on. Still I got in my better than half an hour of cardio. I will push harder tomorrow and get back to my exercise level. I should be back to a full hour tomorrow. I am looking to getting into possibly getting into stair climbing some next month to change up the work out. I am wary of doing things that might hurt my knee so I am going to be careful of that.

I really enjoyed having the increased energy at the event. I will not lie; it also felt good to have people tell me they could see the weight loss as well. I am generally not overly vain but an ego boost is an ego boost. I need to work on some of my flexibility and stretching as well cause I still fight a little to tight for some of the things I used to be able to do.

In other news all my current pants are impossible to wear with out my belt being extra synched up. Woot.
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