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a dream

So I had this dream. It was tremendously surreal. I was in London in a flat. As I have never been in a flat in London in my life this struck me as odd. There was a strange sence I had been told stories of this place but I could not remember them. There were people there. They were intensely beautiful and equally alien and strange. They felt like I should know them as well and as I looked and spoke with them I felt like I was not seeing all of them. When they spoke to me they would say things that were profound and insightful one minute and then they would talk as if I was not there the next. I eventually found a window that opened into another world and there were branches of a tree all around the flat and no ground beneath it. I went out the window and found the people and found they were normal enough people but seeing them projected into my world made them appear more beautiful and strange. I knew the people but I cant say who they were now. They are not people I actually know in the real world but in the dream I was as familiar with them as I was with many of my friends. I led them to other windows, which led to their proper places, and I went back to my window, which opened, on the London flat. I cant say why I know it was a London flat I just did. I am not sure why I remembered this dream so vividly but I think there may be a story in it.



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