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more ecerpts from FreeBase

More bits from larping in the "real world"


The following is a short list of concepts that are integral to basic game play.


As you know, there are a great many others involved in FB, and in your travels you will meet and possibly join them in adventure! These are your fellow gamers, or Players (it is generally considered poor form to refer to them as such as it breaks the realism, but the terms "Freebie" or "Baser" are usually acceptable). But not everybody is a Player: by adding others to the fray, we have increased the potential thrill of FREEBASE a hundredfold! Called Non-Players, these members of the milieu have been included to specifically challenge the Players. Non-Players come in many forms, sometimes even disguising themselves as Players. So, beware: only through much experience can a Freebaser learn the difference!


Through the battle-scars you receive during play, you will also accumulate experience; that is, you will get better at what you do. To rate this, FB uses Expeience Points, or "XPs." These may be spent on new equipment, magical components, or to achieve the next "level" (q.v.). Some players who keep "Cover Jobs" receive XPs from their GM (General Manager) on a weekly basis in the form of a "Paycheck", but the more common form of acquisition is through combat. If you defeat a Player or Non-Player in combat, his XPs are now rightfully yours. This is not the only option, however. Often, XPs can be found relatively unguarded in soda machines and registers.
Other popular methods: "Rolling Drunks", "Jacking Tires", and "shooting the Wad on the Trifecta"
(see the Tips section for more ideas).


Players will often find it convenient to use these hand signals as a form of quick and silent communication of their play status.

Put your left arm down, right hand with index and middle finger extended -- firmly slap the inside of your elbow.
Translation: Are you a freebase player?

Extend your hand, rub your thumb and index fingers together.
Translation: Do you have any XPs you are not using? I am a little short.

Make a fist, pretending to clutch something, and stab the imaginary object into your chest repeatedly.
Translation: If you could get me the adrenaline hypo in the fridge, I would be most appreciative.

Raise your hand, and extend your middle finger.
Translation: Your mother.


If you have been playing well, go to the nearest payphone and dial "0." Tell the Operator that you would like to Save the game. This will allow you to return to that point of the game if you are prematurely ejected.



Up 'till now, if we were to ask what your life is like, you may have answered, "At best, it is rather unstimulating." It wasn't bad, but there was no real sense of control. THE WORLD OF REALITY, however, offers a greater amount of "free will", and you will find it much less confining than what you are used to. Oftimes, there is a small period of adjustment when you begin play, and you may feel tentative, perhaps even questioning the "morality" of your actions.
This is normal, and will pass within a few game days. Be careful, though: THE WORLD OF REALITY is one fraught with hidden evils, dark magics, and danger. Though the similarities to your own world are sometimes shocking, never let it lull you into a false sense of security -- there are important differences, and adventure lies in wait around every corner! You must keep the following in mind at all times:



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