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more stuff from Hallow

so am i insane or is this worth all the stuff I am putting into it?

The Clans of Korblun
So the first foray of the Clans came 300 years ago. Korblun's horde came roaring through a gate seeking conquest and wealth. They were at best only kept in check and in the end the peace that was made with them was a rough one.

Korblun was a Dwarf and a seasoned raider. For years he traveled his world as a mercenary. The Brutality of his people was legendary and his skill became known as well. Eventually after fighting in many many wars he returned home and claimed the position of Laird of his clan. He lead his clan to victory after victory for over a century. After he conquered the land of his birth he spread his influence far and wide. He brought the brutish Orcs under his control and men given to his same temperament joined his banner. When he had ground down every kingdom he could find he held an empire stretching for thousands of miles. He was then known as king of a mighty empire and all bowed before him.

Then one day his people found the gate.

Buried in ancient ruins they found a gate which led to another world. It led to Hallow. HE sent forth and expedition and they described the vast city and wealth which was there to take. He was only mildly interested. They spoke of great wonders and secrets to be found everywhere they looked. He simply nodded and sent more men to look further. Finally an expedition came back bearing what he truly wanted. They brought him word of kingdoms. They brought him a chance for war again. All the wealth and control in the world did bring him joy but battle did.

He commanded a vanguarded of his strongest through the gate. Thousands came through made for the other kingdoms of the anchor. The Grecian League was the first to meet them. While their spartan Hoplites fought valiantly even they could not slow the advance. The Narakan Yama kings reigned fire and death upon the horde and still they came. In the three years of constant street to street fighting it is estimated a millioon of the horde were killed and still they came.

Finally a key tactic stopped the war.

A Small force of Keldan ship captains, Spartans, and Narkan mages and Warlocks struck at the gate with which the horde was constantly getting new troops. They held off the horde while the mages shut the gate. Even though the Keldan captains could have fled to safety they stood and fought to buy time. In the end the gate was shut permanently. The tale of the final battle was carried by a shadow brother. None survived this last valiant stand save the bard, but the battle won the war.

With the gate closed, Korblun could no longer get reinforcements or supplies. Korblun loved battle but he was no fool. He knew eventually he would loose should he persist. He pulled back in to a kingdom the at stretched in a hundred miles swath. He waited and let the other nations sue for peace. He gave them the peace they asked and has bided his time for three hundred years.

The Clans have adapted to life on hallow. They are still a warrior people. They sell weapons and armor they make. They also have been known as an excellent place to hire a mercenary. It is considered a great honor for a warrior to get bloodied in battle even if it is for pay. Many take up raiding whether along the coast or along the other borders. Not so many as to start the war again but enough to be a constant problem.

The Clans are traditionally distrustful of mages. This is reinforced by the gate being closed by mages. They do embrace the priests and druids among them though and value them as both power in battle and as leaders in battle. Korblun still rules the clans with the clan heads beneath him. It is said he still plots for a way to bring war again... a war he can win.

OOP note: These guys are the barbarian culture at the gates. The Dwarves of the clans are like the dwarves we are familiar with only with their aggression factor turned way up. I am thinking more along the lines of vikings and Conan as inspiration for this culture.


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Feb. 8th, 2008 01:32 pm (UTC)
I am intrigued by this setting but of course I am not living near you.
Feb. 8th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
I am glad your intrigued at least. I think that is the last culture I am coming up with. Next I am moving into some of the cosmology and magic stuff.

Then I will be talking about theme and the like.
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