TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

yesterdays totals.

I am probably eating itallian tonight before the movie and getting some buttered popcorn so it is eating light for me for the rest of the day till then.

Item Grams Calories
Thu, May 01 2008
B+ SoBe Adrenaline Rush - Sobe Adrenaline Rush 246 140
A Creamy Milk Chocolate - Optima Shakes 325 190
C- Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich - Sandwiches 347 721
A Carrots, Baby - Raw 15 5
A Creamy Milk Chocolate - Optima Shakes 325 190
D+ 1/4 lb. Deluxe Double Stack - Sandwiches 211 470
B Puddings, Chocolate, Ready-to-eat, Fat Free 279
Total Calories Consumed 1,995
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