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Aug. 6th, 2008


Tried out the new morning routine and seemed to work. Game this evening meant not alot of time for dinner so I grabbed some general tso's but not to much. Well below goal.

Workout in the morning was cut short by a muscle spasm so I only got about a half mile. I did go ahead and do my weights stuff though. Walking up the steps at the apartment was murder though. I was a little sore in that leg all day. I did do 20 situps tonight. My form is awful and it barely counts. I will be working on doing them right for a while before I add more. I did 10 push ups. Again not perfect form but I did them. And did 10 leg lifts which actually I am closer to doing right. I also did some stretches so hopefully the leg will be better in the morning for the morning treadmill.

Part of the reason I am big on getting some treadmill time is I will be on my feet alot at Gencon and I don't want to be huffing and puffing as a result.

The upside is over all my body is hurting less. I still have some tension type pain at certain points due to working the muscles.

Downside, nothing tells you how much extra weight you are carrying quite the way push ups and situps will. Your fighting your excess weight almost exclusively. That kind of firmly established how bad I am.

oh well, totals then bed.

Item Grams Calories
Wed, Aug 06 2008
A Creamy Milk Chocolate - Optima Shakes 325 190
A- Yoplait Light Yogurt (Fat Free) 170 100
A Creamy Milk Chocolate - Optima Shakes 325 190
Jello (Fat-free) 80
B- Cookies, Oatmeal, Prepared From Recipe - Without Raisins 30 134
General Tso's Chicken - Chinese & Asian/Meals 844
A Rice, Brown, Medium-grain, Cooked 195 218
D+ Pork Egg Roll - Appetizers & Sides 85 240
D- Red Bull Sugar Free 249 10
Total Calories Consumed 2,007


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Aug. 7th, 2008 09:22 am (UTC)
Is sugar free Red Bull anything like sugar free Jolt? Just askin'... Seriously though, well done.
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