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The exercise was a walk though not treadmilled. I had errands to run today that involved a fair amount of walking. The calories are up but still below goal but only barely. I will endeavor to keep them lower tomorrow.

Upside, still going down in the weight.

Downside, I am not moving right still. The knee is part of that and also there is a weird sort of loss of balance. I think the tension in my lower back is hurting my balance. I have been stiff in the lower back ever since I started working out again. Last time it took a few weeks to loose that tension so I might as well bear up.

Item Grams Calories
Sat, Aug 09 2008
Blue Dragon Thai Red Curry Stir Fry 186
Pep Upper - Smoothies 1,120 668
A Chocolate Peanut Crunch - Pria 84 330
General Tso's Chicken - Chinese & Asian/Meals 844
B Rice, White, Medium-grain, Cooked 186 242
Spring Roll, medium - Chinese & Asian/Appetizers 84 200
Diet Coke 600 3
Total Calories Consumed 2,472

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