TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

streams of thought

I am trying real hard, but it feels like I am not.

I am an asshole sometimes.

Yes I do notice even if I play like I don't. I know it is preferred.

Can you be so used to being alone that you just stop trying.

Is this the literary equivalent of ransom?

I want to get into a fight.... a knockdown drag out, bleeding knuckles, feeling like your alive sort of fight.

There are days work drives me crazy and there are days it makes really happy.

Ever feel alone in a crowd?

I am a different person at work than I am when hanging out. Sometimes I forget I am not at work.

I am not completely okay, but I am doing better.

Why is there so much anger over such minor things?

Why am I not angry over something?

Still looking for my missing passion.

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