TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I just got an interesting and slightly disturbing alert in my google alerts. I set one up for my name after the whole stalking incident earlier this year. Today it returned with a link to a PDF. The pdf was the Court of Appeals for Indiana's decision in the case of Jeremiah McCoy.

Seems Mr. McCoy was a career criminal with a history of burglary and assault. He got arrested for helping two men open a safe which had been stolen from a home. He had admitted his guilt and apologized to the family in the end. The appeal was to the fact Mr. McCoy though the 20 year sentence was excessive.

He had two children and a wife to support. Apparently also the crime did not involve weapons and he himself was not in the house itself. That combined with the confession he hoped would be sufficient cause to reduce the sentence on appeal. The Appeals court disagreed based on hist 6 previous convictions since becoming an adult and not including his childhood criminal history. So he will get to spend the full 20 in prison it seems.

Reading this thing was like getting a memo for another world. I mean you know it is probably there are other people running around with your name but it is weird to get a brief glimpse of what their lives are like. There were certainly points in my life I could have gone a little more criminal. Could I have been this guy? And he has kids and a wife, where as I am a confirmed bachelor. It is sort of like getting a mirror universe glimpse of yourself. Weird.

There is a story in that somewhere.
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