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So the new years resolution thing. We all do them at the beginning of the year. Yes, I know we could just make changes anytime. There is something about the turning of the year that makes us want to think about what we have not been doing right I guess. Last year could have been better if I had just.....

As for the year 2008, it was not terrible for me. I have a good job. I have cool pople around me. I have little complain about. I am in a better place than really I ever have been. I do have a couple of things though that did falter in 2008 as opposed to the previous year. First is the whole weight control thing. I fell off the wagon when I moved and I have struggled to get back on and to little avail. Weight is probably always going to be a struggle.

The other thing that fell to the wayside was the creative pursuits. I have kept up with the voice acting for the most part mainly cause there are other people depending on it. I always do better on creative things when it is needed for other people. I my own podcast has been out intermittently. My novel has stalled a little more than a 3rd of the way through it. I went through a couple of month period that I wrote nothing.

The last thing I had issues with this year is financial. I have a lot of lingering debt. Student loan, an odd credit card, some medical bills, and other little things here and there still hold over me. I was living on the edge for way too long. That is not including the personal money I owe to friends and family. My credit rating is poor to say the least.

So here are my new years resolutions to help work on these things. I am trying to keep them modest. It is best to set goals you can reasonably do to avoid disappointment.

Resolution number 1
I will exercise at least three days a week for at least 40 minutes a day. Ideally it will be more like an hour an more but always go for modest and expand. Don't want to hurt myself. This will start tomorrow.

Resolution number 2
I will post calorie counts every day that I am near a computer. Everydays calories will be accounted for even if I am not sticking to diet. I am not making reaching a target weight a resolution, but I will be starting at 2800 calories a week. That combined with being back on the exercise wagon will help a lot. I will post weekly weigh instead of daily.

Resolution number 3
I will post once a week something I worked on that week writing wise. It may be a chapter of a book or a short story, or a gaming related write up like writing an essay on a culture or the like. Whatever it is I will have put substantial creative writing effort towards it that week and post it up so people can see it. This is to keep me honest with myself. They will be posted either on Sundays or Thursdays depending on if it is a week I am out of town on the weekend.

Resolution number 4
I will finish Jackson James and the Fastest Dead Man in 2009. It may need edits and rewrites by it will be done in first draft form this coming year. I am starting this process by going back and looking at the manuscript I have and beefing it up.

Resolution number 5
I will pay off 80% of all my pending debts this year. This will take some work and budgeting but I believe I can do that and probably more. I am concentrating on getting my credit rating improved. At some point I will need a new car. At some point I will want a home of my own. IT will be very hard to get either of those two things with the credit rating as it stands now.

Well there are the resolutions. I am hoping those are not overly ambitious.

I have things I want to work on as well but they don't quite reach resolution status. I want to get out more eps of the podcast this year than last. I have an audioplay script I will be working on. I have the big podcast gaming project still that needs some love. I will work on those, but I want to list the 5 big ones.
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