TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Grandpa is back in the hospital.

Grandpa was about as weak as I have ever seen him at Christmas. He was using a walker to get around. For grandpa that is remarkably unusual. As late as spring of this past year he was doing a little bit of gardening in the planter in front of the house.

reposted from mom

"Daddy is back in the hospital. He has been deteriorating markedly over the last few weeks and finally agreed to see the family doctor today. He should see the cardiologist, but he really doesn't like the cardiologist, so he won't go there. His haemaglobin is 6.7, which is very low, so he's in for transfusions. We're not sure where he's losing the blood, but the smart money is on something gastrointestinal. He wanted a guarantee that he could get out tomorrow before he would agree to go in."
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