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Quick update.

Did not keep track of calories this weekend but did not go crazy with that. It is harder keep on diet and on track on a road trip. Weighed in a 412.3 though which is a drop. I will be posting calorie count today though. I need to get some multivitamin supplements. Any one got some suggestions?

Grandpa is doing a little better. He is not great though. He is still in the hospital until they are certain there are no more problems.

Other than stressing about grandpa it was a good weekend. Got to have some fun at KG on saturday. More stuff going on there than I can really cover in a short post but it was good. Got in some good hanging out time. I may be getting too old to be doing the monster routine for three children. I am more sore from that than I might have been from a full weekend larp.


Jan. 20th, 2009 02:06 am (UTC)
I like the vitamins without artificial ingredients - there are quite a few brands to choose from. Even a regular grocery store should have a few, but you'll have a better selection if you check out a health food or natural food store. :) Lots of people like Rainbow Light, Nature's Way seems pretty good, etc etc.

For weight loss, you might want to look into calcium supplements as well, they can really help. Just make sure to get calcium citrate (not from oyster shells, those can have heavy metals), instead of calcium carbonate like Tums has. I hear chalk is not well absorbed by the body (and it makes me mad, because I took Tums for calcium all through my first pregnancy without knowing that). :P



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