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okay the controversy

So I was reading an LJ today and the subject of "White Privilege" Came up. This is the notion that by the mere dent of being white, a persons life will have an inherent benefit or easing of problems or standards. This was used as an argument for why someone was being clueless talking about a subject related to race. The idea is if you are white your opinion on race is suspect because you benefit of the so called White Privilege.

Now I believe that 50 years ago there was a strong argument for White Privilege. It was clearly present Culturally and in the laws of the time sadly. I believe in the last 20 years though you are hard pressed to come up with real evidence for it. You can find evidence of some things which are sad. The statistics of minority students who get higher education or doctorates are distressing. However the evidence these days could easily be read on the aspect of financial status more than race. With a very few exceptions the evidence just is not conclusive.

I personally don't believe in it. It just isn't there any more. That is not to say there are not some individual racists out there. There are of course plenty of them out there. I am saying there is no inherent cultural, religious, or legal benefits to being born white. I certainly have never benefited from it. There is no one in my long and winding experience that I can point to and say they benefited from it more than being born in to an upper middle class home. The arguments so far presented fail to show privilege in an indisputable way. What is more I feel using that as a justification to discount someone is lazy and disingenuous. Rather than explain why you think someone is wrong on something you point to them and say well they are white. Not only does it not address why they are wrong, but it really is kind of racist. it renders any argument might offer there after weaker as a result.

This discussion went on someones lj and they very politely indulged the discussion till they were done and then asked it be moved elsewhere. So I am posting my thoughts here to any who felt compelled to continue the discussion.

keep it civil.


May. 20th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
No. its White privilege because the white people kidnapped and enslaved the Black people and didn't let them own anything until only a little over a century and a half ago.

It's called White privilege because we literally diseased and killed the native population, forcing them into slums.

Its called White privilege because we locked up Yellow people without trial during WWII.

Its called White privilege because we systematically rigged the system for white people through the 1960s and have only stopped because of MILITARY INTERVENTION.

Have you ever looked at a history book?
May. 20th, 2009 03:10 am (UTC)
Quite few actually. History teaches me many things. IT teaches me that few issues are as contentious as race in this country. it is the one we wont let go of. We are obsessed with it. Every fact of our lives can be viewed through it. Did you vote for Obama so he could be the first black president or because he might be a good president no matter his skin. Why Am I to be judged on my skin color?

White privilege has nothing to do with today. IT has to do with the past. The arguments you walk out are the history. I grant the history is bad. We grew up. We put that aside, but people will not put it aside will they. No matter how equal things become racially we wont allow them to be. Something must be corrected. We cant say the guy in the inner city needs a leg up to get help into college because he is poor. No it must be about his race. The other guy next to him who is just as poor, well we don't need to help him as much cause he is white and white people caused the problem right? Thats the argument isn't it?

We look at the evidence and we have a myriad of conclusions to draw. We could go by region. We could go by height or weight. We could go by faith. We can break them down by so many different things but we always break it down to race. We will never get past racism in this country until we stop looking at it and seeing the cause and effect. We will never get past it till we move past the pedestrian view of history we have in this country. We will never get past racism till people start looking at things as the mosaic it is.

White privilege, the idea of it is based on looking at the world in this very narrow way. It is an excuse and indictment all in one. The idea of it needs to be shed as yet another thing in our past. IT is as relevant today as Jim Crow laws. They are a fact of life. One we should not forget but only the past and no power is found there now. Only the power our race obsessed culture gives them.
May. 20th, 2009 03:15 am (UTC)
Try to tell Carlos Mencia jokes at your office and not get dirty looks or fired. Speaks is right about one thing, there is no equality in America.

May. 20th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
In my office I might get away with it in certain venues. But the implication there is not the white privilege. It is almost the reverse. It has nothing to do with the idea of White privilege though. That has more to do with our obsession with race and our sensitivity to it. I certainly don't like most racist jokes. I would not tell them. That is not about privilege though.
May. 20th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
Fair enough.



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