TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

There was apparently an article in Wirdec about our game and our experience with the ESRB. It is a pretty cool read.

"In Fallen Earth, an MMO where players struggle for survival in a no-holds-barred, post-apocalyptic world, the developers thought that they could never have enough cadavers.

But they were wrong. You can have enough dead bodies — the Entertainment Software Rating Board told them so. The independent body that assigns game ratings in the U.S. ruled that Fallen Earth’s piles of corpses were just too much for a Teen rating, says the developer of the upcoming PC game. The game has received a Mature rating as a result.

“There’s one town that’s literally hung with 200 corpses,” said the game’s lead designer Lee Hammock while demoing the game at E3. “(The ESRB) was like, ‘That’s too many corpses. You hit your limit.’”
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