TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Look what I found on Hulu

It is the Mysterious Cities of Gold. I remember watching this when i was young. I thought it was really cool. Watching it now of course it is a little different than my nostalgia laced memories but there is some clear evidence to me at least of why I liked it the first time around. A lot of the time you are not clear on the motivations of the adults in the story or at least if they are good or bad. The sort of mythical ancient solar tech ship in this episode is pretty cool. Later on they get a giant flying mechanical bird. Good stuff.

As an added oddity there is the history lesson included. It would tell you a fact about South or Central America during the Spanish Colonization and show it in its "present day" state as well. It is also surprisingly harsh considering this is a kids show educational bit. They certainly did not pull punches in this one at least.

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