TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Once we were mighty. We looked up into the sky and did the hard thing. We climbed up in the night. We with sacrifice and drive, proved that man was not restricted to just where nature wanted us. Should we decide, we may stand where we wish and leave our shining jewel behind.

The amount of respect I have for the brave men and women who have shed the constraints of gravity and environment knows no bounds. Today is the 40th anniversary of mans first steps on the moon. I can only hope that in my life time I will see their like again. Maybe someday before I move on, I will stare up in wonder as my parents did and their parents did and see man in a new place. A place where he was not made nor has ever known his step. Someday we will say we are not a people of just one world just as we are not a people of just one land. When that comes we will look back forty years back from now and say that was still our first step.

Let us hope that day comes soon.
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