TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Random weird statements from the future. Found on a forgotten scifi channel site.

Except for a breif period in 2462, black will always be fashinable.
Go to a dolphin show, we really miss them.
Enjoy your Gender Specificity while it lasts.
Sorry, we still do not have pesronal jet packs.
Save the Rainforests, thats where the ape overlords say the best bananas come from.
Racism is no longer a problem now that all inferior humans are slaves.
Don't worry, it turns out the moon is made out of fossil fuels.
Everything was so much easier when pets couldn't talk back.
All humanity now shares a collective mind, everyone say HI.
By the year 2999 obesity is cosidered fashionable and canniabilism mandatory.
The world will not end in a bang,however it will end with a Michael Jackson pay-per-view concert.
Warning ! Programs which contain overly gory scenes of graphic violence may trigger the pouncing instincts of your pet velociraptor!

Learn to read and write Chinese...FLUENTLY.
You'll be thrilled to know alien life really does exist, and we play a very important role in their food chain.
If you thought the Internet was cool, wait until you see the Omnimatrix.
What do you want us to do with all these cryogenically frozen heads?
Maybe putting that giant TV screen on the moon wasn't such a great idea after all.
Forget about teaching them computer skills. Your children are gonna need gills.
Hawaii is still very popular, if you like to ski.
There's a lot less pressure to have kids now that our grandparents are still having them.
We really don't mind living in caves. It's much simpler this way.
Tags: awesome, funny, future, sci fi
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