TechNoir (technoir) wrote,


luckypooka is one of those people who has so much happiness they just exude it to everyone around them. I met her at SI some years back as the was playing here murrow. She didn't know me but at the end of the event she gave me a hug. since then she has become one of my favorite people to run into because she just seems to make me happy just by being nearby and I can tell I am not the only one she has that effect on. Her bouncy joy at life is infectious.

As to bad(which I am certain i like this part of the meme,but here goes) she seems always a bit random which could be problematic at times. I also can tell there are some times she seems like maybe she doesn't feel as happy go lucky as she pretends but puts on the show on the image anyway cause it seems like it is expected. Being your friend means we will listen and understand when you have problems too.

Overall those are pretty minor flaws. You are as I said, one of my favorite people and i am glad to know you.
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