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loresingeris great musician, beautiful woman, and great role player.My first emory of her that sticks in my mind was her playing I think a fortune teller at Dragoncon. she had a spark that made you want to spend time with her. I dealt with her at larps there after and what ever she was doing she put a bit energy into it so that in any given scene yoy wanted to interact with her. outside of the larps she has repeatedly shown herself to be a kindhearted and pleasent person to be around with a fun sence of humor. A favorite hobby of many people both at and away from larps is to make her blush.

As to the bad. She often lets life get the better of her. Things will spin out of control and she will obviously fall into a deep dispair that is painful to watch even from a distance. I wish I could make it so it doesn't faze her as much, but that is something she needs to do on her own. I constantly wish her luck on it.

Overall loresinger is someone I am gald to call a friend. I know when i push the limits in larps she will be there step for step to match and raise the ante. And when the game is done she will be quick with a smile and a laugh. I only regret not getting to hang out more often with her and husband.
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