TechNoir (technoir) wrote,


aveareya is let me first off say, one of the hands down most beautiful women I know. Admitedly i do know some beautiful women, but aveareya is high up there. She is also one of the best friends i have ever known. Not only has she and her husband been there for me repeatedly when i was at the bottom, but have made me a part of their world. They have put me up in their home, bailed me out of jail and all the while been more giving and helpful than most of my own family. More importantly aveareya has told me when i am screwing up and called me on it. A true friend can tell you the painful truths because they actually care about you and the problem your having.

As to the bad,hmm I guess aveareya's only consistant problem is she acks patience sometimes. When things dont go the way they should or people are not acting up to the level they should it grates on her and she has less patience for it than many. An enraged aveareya is not a good thing to be around. Not that is ever for no good reason.

Overall I must say aveareya is my family. Some family your born with. Some you choose. I choose her and her family. I cant imagine my life without them as a part of it.
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