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reflection and recovery

So I am recovering.

I am recovering from November first off.  It was long month.  Work was more than a little bit hectic.  I did NaNoWriMo and completed it on top of going home for the holidays for a full week. All in in all an exhausting month.  Lets not talk about the exhaustion that comes with family.   4 small children will run me ragged on any day.  Luckily family drama was more subdued than perhaps some past years.

On the first of December I got sick and I am only beginning to recover from that.  So it is time to stop worrying about recovering and worrying about what to do going forward.  I have proven to myself I can put out a fair amount of content when I set my mind too it.  Even with the many distractions of November I managed to meet a not insubstantial goal.  Whats next?

Well the what comes next is the part I am not sure on.   I have a novel that I have been working on for a long time that needs to be finished.  I have the Nano novel which needs to be cleaned up and basicly rewritten and then there is my podcast.   I have not put out new content on my podcast for a while.   And last but not least is this here blog.   I need to be updating it more often and more than the youtube videop that caught my interest that day.

I am going to to get back in writing something every day or baring that, recording.  It wont be War and Peace. Hell, it probably wont even be always interesting.  What it will be is me putting words to page or voice to microphone. I will write either 500 words a day at least or will record something.  The recording will be for my podcast feed or one of my voice acting roles.  Dont be surprised if you end up with some odd ramblings in the podcast feed as a result.

Why is this important?

Finishing NaNoWriMo was great deal of fun.  I also got a story accepted into the Tales of the Children Anthology.  What I am discovering is I like the feeling of getting creative things done.   It is addictive and fun. I want to keep getting that feeling.

While I do so love my tv shows and listening to the various podcasts I listen too, I like the feeling of being creative a little more.  It is a drug I don’t mind getting addicted too. This is not to say i wont listen to my fave podcasts or watch my TV shows or play my games.  It just means I will do that AFTER I set aside time for the creative endeavors.   I know it is a crazy idea, but it just might work.

Whatever the case you will likely see more posts from in the near future.  Try not to be too startled.

Now as the wind is howling and I mean quite literally, I should wrap this up.

Night kids.

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