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Merry Christmas gamers!

So, it is Christmas time.  A season of giving, of snow and family.  It also a great time to work in some gaming if you can.  To that end, some friends of mine and I wrote a bit of a Christmas project.  We called it the 4E Christmas Special.  It is filled with goodies for DM’s and players a like.  The contributors are myself of course,  Jeff Griener of the Tome Show, Tracy Hurley of SarahDarkmagic Blog, and Samuel Dillon of RPG Musings.  The 4E Chistmas special is a PDF and free of charge to anyone who wants it.  It can be downloaded from here.  That is part of Sarah Darkmagics Adventure Vault, which as actually a handy resource anyway you cut it.

It is my hope folks will like our little bit of holiday cheer.  We have 3 Delve style encounters, some feats, and a magic item all with a holidays theme to them.  IT is also released on a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike Licence.  That is a fancy way of saying you can redistribute all you want. You can change it all you want.  All we ask is you say where you got it and don’t make any money off it or a derivative work. Tell your friends about and spread the Christmas cheer.


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