TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

A quick ramble

So in case you had not been following along in the misadventures of McCoy, I had a sleep study last night. I showed up at the place and at first thought something was wrong as they had no one in the reception area. After wondering for a bit I found the tech and he took me back. I changed to Jammies(feet on the jammies for those who might wonder) and got ready. As i sat and waited for them to get to I watched CSI. Finally they came and got me and glued sensors to my leg, chest and head. Apparently they use a form of Collodion as the glue. I was thuroughly wired up and taken back to bed. it is hard to get to sleep at first with so much strapped to you but eventually made it. only woke up 4 or 5 times in the night. woke up earlier than usual and had the sensors removed. Took a shower. Collodion aparently does not like to give up your hair, I have been picking it from the back of my head all day. Anyways i should hear from the doctor sometime next week and have a follow up appointment this coming thursday. Thats when they fit you with the CPAP and test the proper preasure to use on you. Meanwhile the doctor did express in no uncertain terms he doesn't want me making long road trips by myself till I get the sleep thing corrected. Which is sad as I have a wedding in Jackson Tennessee to go to this weekend. Oh well I will figure it out. I am work on my lunch break right now. When I get off I go check on the grand parents place and see that it has not burned down while they are in Texas.

More later.
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