TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

So I had a follow up at the sleep center today. They wanted to see how I am doing on the cpap and tell me the results of the study. The first night of my study which was done with no cpap they said showed sever sleep apnia. Howy sever? Try over 800 instances where i stopped breathing. I averaged 127 per hour for the night. I also had a pretty low oxegen content. Apparently low enough to be worrisome. The normal person gets about 90% or better on oxegen content in the blood while they sleep. I had 67% average for the night. The second night of the study, where they had a cpap for me, was much better. I averaged 11 incidents of not breathing per hour and my oxegene was 89%. The doctored perscribed some nasal meds to help the breathing to get more improvement.

In other news I have applied for a supe possition at work. Wish me luck!
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