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Okay here we go.

I know somewhere someone is bitching about the announcement on the SI board about this coming season. The announcement that for the rest of the season in both si and kg will be doing camp overs and one days did actually bring me up a bit short, but I am not going to bitch as i know even now someone must be. People like to complain. I know if nothing else my job teaches me it is that fact. I will say I am disappointed as i do love my full weekend events but I am willing to give it a go and have some fun. I am actually trying to convince some cool people I know to come play. I am looking at getting a new bow for angus this weekend. I am thinking of some new costuming projects. I am trying to determine what I can do to better help out. It is a little harder to committ to doing certain things cause I am so far away but I can still try. I want to know what perils Piotyr will face this year? Will his love life get him in trouble? And what about Angus? Will he get to see his molly? Will he go mad do to his new found power? I wont be able to do as much nero so even less Mortimer. How will Mortimer fit into his new world? Will he eventually abandon his mortal roots and become a truely alien thing to his friends and loved ones?

There is much for me to still look forward to this larp season. While I might have prefered more I am going to take the possitive tack and say it should still be a fun season.
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