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I have been in a SciFi mode lately.

I love my fantasy games but lately I have been thinking of SciFi. Mickey has come up with a setting that sounded kind of cool. comic_monkey has writen a kick as game world which is out in hard back at the end of the month and PDF right now.

In that vein I have come up with a notion to run a SciFi larp. This is utter insanity i know but there it is rolling behind my eyes daily. So I guess i will share some of my madness and post some of my notions.

1) The first story rule should always be i will not come up with an effect that cant be explained in the psuedo science of the game world. No magic. General blasters dont exist unless there is an explination of how they work. Psionics may exist but they will make sence and at least fit with in a scientific frame work. There is no force.

2)No pc aliens. I think aliens should be just that....alien and barely coprehensable. The human race may have encountered hints maybe someone else might have been out there once but as of thre begining has not met them. Now i know people want the make up and exotic races. for them I point to robots, gene spliced humans, cyborgs, and psions. Plenty of exotic to go around.

3) the world that the game is played on must, by need be a distant colony world which does not have as much of the lovely super tech that the core worlds all have. On this world a few scraps of technology do exist but like a distance induced time machine the colony is basically a rustic agriculture and mining world. I am leaning towards the name Serendipity which means the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

I have a lot of other thoughts but that is some of the core notions in my head. I may post more later.
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