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More ideas for sci fi larp.

well here comes another set of wacky notions.

1)Take advantage of the technology thats there. It is now possible with relatively cheap wireless networking to set up a WAN which people coulod log in to and you could run hacking and other computer related sidelines through it. All you would need is someone always manning the computer at any time in the game and a system. A hacking system would not be all that hard to. Pc's could buy or make programs for different purposes. You just establish what programs and the power levels required before a run and they can do the ajudication via a simple chat interface with the plot member on the other end. This could lead to full modules where the various hackers could use VR to do a run on some serious system(ie go on the module).

2) You need new rules on research cause there will be alot more science orietned charicters so you need to have a system for research and inovation. One of the draws I was thinking of for the world the PC's would be on is that it is so earthlike. This could be something of a mystery on a world with no teraforming performed on it.
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