TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

So it was a good weekend. Did a gondal dinner which was nice even if i did show up late. It is fun to do some geekery. The newest gondal is very eager. Also did a beltane celebration at Spring and Ian's. Much drinking and hanging with new friends and old. I also jumped the fire. A dumb thing to do but fun. Occasionally it is nice to remind your self you are still alive.

I had lunch with Goblin and company. Tommorrow is Goblins birthday and it was nice to see her. I love her like family and it is odd for me to think of what it was like watching her grow into the strong beatiful woman I know today.

On a personal front i wish my finances were a little more solid. I am getting tired of my current job. Oh well we endure as we must until opportunity presents itself.
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