TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

interesting question.

A friend asked why I larp. I thought it was a good question and I thought I would share my answer. I would be interested in other peoples answers.

My thoughts on this are kind of simple. I larp because of the people. I larp because I like having a creative outlet. I larp because it beats hanging out at home on the weekends. I have met the most amazing people since coming to this hobby and I think of them as family. My world world would not be right any more if Mickey or bruce or katie were not apart of it. Or for that matter you doll. I am surrounded by brilliant souls being creative. Would I do it without my click? Well concidering I enjoy hanging out with like 30 to 40 people who play then yes. Also I am constantly meeting new an interesting people through this hobby. Plot lines come and go so that is not enough for me. Even if one game went completely south plotwise then there are still plenty to pick from. Is competition an issue? To a certain extent. I like prooving myself. i like the challenge in the combat and will often seek out fighting the best so I can get better, but it is only one reason. To a certain extent this is what I am good at so I enjoy it on that level too.

For what it is worth I guess I primarily do it for the social aspect, but I enjoy the art of it and the outdoor and active nature too.

Was that to much?
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