TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Well the weekend was different than planned. After KG was cancelled due to weather it freed up almost everyone in my gaming group for me to run Dawning Star. The game went well and I ran the published adventure for it out of the main book. It is an odd dynamic with the group where the gun bunny(hapersmionis the moral compass and the doctor(Guy) is the one who is most likely to randomly shoot the unarmed tied up bandito. Oh well it was fun and I look forward to more.

Cam was fun. I like playing Jackson. He can be a bit of smart ass but he doesn't get involved in the politics. He is a ghoul after all. He is the go to guy for Isabella(stagefreaky)sort of a cross between Sam Spade and Alfred Pennyworth. I think I can enjoy playing him.

I have vacation time set asside for the end of the month and I intend to come to atlanta to actually hang with folks some away from the game. I haven't just hung out with some of these people in a while.
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