TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

weekend update.

First off the weekend was laid back and fun. I did go see Charley and the chocolate factory. I really was not impressed with it. It had a couple of funny bits but overall it had no emotional content. I just could not care at all. Johny Depp looks like a deranged cousin of michael jackson and really did not do a good job. I liked the old people and Charley, but thats about it. I did see a movie on DVD I liked. The Ladykillers is a dark funny movie that operates on the strength of the interesting old black lady and Tom hanks. if you can see this movie it is worth the less than two hours to enjoy it.

Dawning star was good. There were a couple of frustration bits based on the D20 system and some bad die rolls. I am hoping this will come to anteresting story for every one involved.
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