TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

grumbles and updates.

So my job is increasingly driving me crazy. stupid decisions over and over again.

to make matters worse I came back to clientlogic because they mentioned they would be getting a tech contract later this year. Now they have said contract and they will not let me transfer to it. I am good at being a tech. I am good at telling people how to fix the item thats causing problems. I even enjoy it somewhat. I dont like my job. I dont get paid enough for the crap I put up with.

To make matters more interesting we are loosing two roommates this week. One I dont mind loosing, the other i do. We have one coming in but we are now splitting up the bills 3 ways in our 4 bedroom place instead of 4. Also we are loosing half our furniture. We have scrounged replacements but you know it is frustrating.

I will be playing D&D tonight at adams after work and workout. That should be fun at least. Friday is scifi friday. YAY!!! Then hopefully do weapons practice on saturday afternoon if Stagefreaky and Darken are still interested.
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